Custom Training and Simulation Framework
for Hazardous and Demanding Work Environments
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Facility orientation, familiarization, and information can be simulated where security or hazardous conditions are prohibitive.

Fire Suppression

Providing fire ground operations and incident command training, Response™ supplements otherwise complex and costly real world training.

Hazard Safety

Focusing on the common OSHA incident and fatality areas, Response™ is an immersive tool to maintain employee safety awareness.


From active shooter incidents to threat assessments, Response™ simulations will keep protective defense forces and security personnel at the ready.

Medical Emergencies

Response™ provides a full spectrum of emergency medical simulations from standard CPR training for employees to mass casualty events for first responders, EMT’s, and Paramedics.

Disaster Planning

Disasters can strike without warning. Sending alerts, knowing safe places to meet, and establishing communications are all part of disaster preparedness. Response™ provides training that allows all employees to know the plan.